VR Widgets and Buttons

Hi all,

So this should be a really simple thing - and probably is - but it’s driving me nuts.

I created a basic menu that pops up for my VR player to join/create games, very basic with just onClicked/Pressed responses using a widget interaction and PointerPressed call. So I can click on each button once, then the pointer no longer works for clicking, but does show hover events. I have two pointers, so I get one click with each before they no longer work.

I’ve looked at setting focus, changing to GameAndUI, I’ve ensured it releases the click event afterward… I would post some screenshots, but it’s across quite a few BPs.

I’m baffled!

Not sure this is it, but it could be related to this issue where pointers don’t have unique pointer ids? Weird Widget Interaction (Un)Hovering behavior - Unreal Engine Forums

That was a consideration - I ensure they both have different id’s after they’ve been created. Maybe I should try only one hand haven’t a pointer and see if that fixes it.

Try this…

Just gave that a try - it appears to be doing the same still.

I deleted one of my controllers, so I only had a left hand. This didn’t change the interactions at all so I’m inclined to think it’s not the pointer ids (which should be unique anyway).

When you click on the button it appears to accept the click and then stay clicked in - as if it’s holding at the point of the input being given.

Also - hover still continues to work. However - that pointer cannot click on anything else AND the button clicked cannot be clicked by the other pointer.

I must apologise - I had “Release Key” and not “Released Pointer Key” - ahhhh!! I knew it would be something simple.

Massively appreciation for the help guys, as it was looking at these things that highlighted it for me.

Glad to have helped! This did cost me a lot of nerves, too :slight_smile: