VR Weapon holsters

So… Basically, I want my Player to have two Gun/Sword/Object holster on the left and right of his hip where his Weapon is “stored”, so he can pick it up.

Like in Robo Recall, where the Player got a Gun on each side of his hip. They are floating and always move with the camera. I tried it with “Spring Arms” inside my Pawn but that does not work as planned.

I hope some of you got a solution for it. Or can tell me how to use the Spring Arms right.

No need to use spring arms for something like this, just attach them to the pawn as children objects and place them where you want them to be for the player. I tend to make a waist object that matches the horizontal rotation of the camera but not the verticle and attach objects to it.

That sounds perfect. I try it and tell you later if it worked!

What did you mean with “make a waist object that matches the horizontal rotation of the camera but not the vertical”

Because when I attach Objects to my Pawn, they move with the Pawn but not with the Camera. And when I attach objects to my camera, they move with it and even move when the Camera rotates (looks up/down). So when the Player looks down (to the hip) to grab an object, the object moves with it and the player can’t see it.

So, how can I attach an object to move with the cameras position but not with its rotation?

I need help with this issue too. I have my holsters at their desired place. The player can look down, see the holsters and interact with them. However, as the player rotates, the location of the holsters doesnt follow, so a holster that started on the left, will end up in front or on the right of the player. Any explanation on how to make the holsters sit in place properly would be greatly appreciated. The internet seems a bit bare on tutorials such as this

Hi all,

I’m really struggling with this too.
I followed a tutorial that i’ll link below and it worked a treat (for what I want) the first time, but then it stopped working and the weapons started going mental.

I created an arrow on the root of my player in the blueprint viewport, and basically told unreal to respawn the pistol on the arrow when dropped.

If i delete it all and redo it, it works a charm the first time. Then out of nowhere it starts going mental.

If anyone has any other tutorials to look at or any ideas (In newby talk) then please share.

Thanks in advance

(Tutorial I followed for spawning at hip)