Vr Weapon Holster issues

Hi guys Having issues with my weapons holster I have my guns spawning to my holster which are stuck and rotating on the floor and the direction they are facing is totally off.

inside the view port the location, rotation,scale values of my left and right holster are as followed.

location x 0.0 / y 0.0 / z 0.0
rotation x 0.0/ y -39.999985 / z 0.0 - I lowered this value down to -3.0 works better than before
scale x 1.0 / y 1.0 / z 1.0

the camera is connected to relative rotation (rotator node) Into combine Rotators node on the yaw z axis connected into two rotate vector nodes . I then have the holster set up from get world rotation on the z yaw axis connected to set world rotation on z yaw axis.

The values on the the first rotate vector nodes are / x 00 / y 20.0 / z 60.0 - I changed the y 3.0 / z 70.0. on both rotate vector nodes.
the value on second rotate node is / x 00 / y -20.0 / z 60.0 - changed to y 3.0 / z 70.0

I’m sure the issue is in the first half of the code I will attach a video and some screen shots of the full code. Oh the pains of self teaching no tutor help and I have tried google but not finding the answers.

so i have decided to sack off blueprints and re study c++ i personally get more creative results writing in real code not node to node coding