VR vs 360 - different scale

Hi folks!

Recently I made some test with 360 movies. I rendered 6 cameras to have a spherical movie. I made test with 360 in 3D and 2D. Everything was fine until I played the rendered and stiched movie in a player. The strange thing is that everything seeme bigger like 1,5 - 2 x times than in the “game” played from Unreal. I tried to change FOV, used second eye for 3D and still nothing changes. I touhght that maybe the player I used (kolor eyes) had some odd settings. So I made a cubemap image to have only one frame from the film and I put that onto a sphere in UE editor and pressed play (in VR mode). The feeling was the same. Everything was bigger than it should be. Has someone this same “problem”? When I look at doors, windows, walls etc they are too big but when I play as a game through UE or packed game, everything is fine.