VR:Vive: Controllers are 90° off.

I’m working in a space with two other vive developers. We have the lighthouses set up at opposing corners of the space.
So the strange thing is this. Up until today, everything was fine. But this morning when I try to play, the controllers are at 90 degrees from my body. One other person was experiencing this, but he rebooted and restarted several times until the problem mysteriously disappeared. However, my doing the same thing is not working.

I’ve tried several times now going all the way to full shutdown and trying different orders of plugging the usb back in.
I’ve tried resetting the headset. And I have no idea how many times i’ve calibrated the room space in both modes.

I’m posting this here so that if it happens to anyone else that they won’t feel insane like I do right now.

Yeah same issue, I just set up my first VR area, and my hands are rotated 90 degrees. If I walk to a corner, they are rotated to the one on my left, always.

Same issue here, I had to rotate the motioncontroller itself to get other features work as intended (like trace for teleport, etc). This is quite frustrating as it doesn’t seem quite right to leave that “rotation offset” there.