VR Virtual Keyboard Info and Support Thread

Howdy there, everyone!

The ‘VR Virtual Keyboards’ pack is available for everyone to grab at:…rtual-keyboard

Are you a virtual reality developer in need of a virtual keyboard? Well this is your lucky day! The VR Virtual Keyboards pack has everything you need in order to make sure that you can give your players the best experience possible when they are entering custom character names, enter their initials for the high score they just earned, etc.

**Features: ** [HR][/HR]Two Interaction Types:

‘Point and Click’

  • Traditional ‘Point And Click’ button interactions.
  • A QWERTY style layout.
  • Customizable Buttons and Layout.
  • Includes one starter template keyboard and two custom keyboards based off of the starter template.

*‘Drum’ *(inspired by the CutieKeys drum keyboard by NormalVR (GitHub - NormalVR/CutieKeys: A basic drum keyboard that anyone can use in their own VR project.) and games like ‘Rec Room’)

  • Button Interactions: Buttons move up and down like a drum when hit/tapped.
  • A QWERTY style layout.
  • Customizable Buttons and Layout.
  • Starter template included.

Keyboard Add-on’s:

  • Send instant messages using the newly included Chat Box functionality. (multiplayer support coming)
  • Surf the internet using an in-game web browser.

Technical Details: [HR][/HR]- Number of Blueprints: 21

  • Documentation: Support Discord (

  • Keyboard interaction will need additional setup if motion controllers are not being used.

  • Must enable the Web Browser plugin under the Experimental tab of the ‘Plugins’ menu.

  • ***IMPORTANT: ***There is an engine bug preventing the Enter keyboard key from being properly emulated. No ETA on when this will be fixed.


Engine Compatibility: 4.20 - 4.21
**Intended Platforms: **Windows - HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
**Platforms Tested: **HTC Vive & Oculus Rift (should work with GearVR, DayDream, etc.)

Please post any questions, concerns and/or hopefully feedback you may have.

Support: [EMAIL=“”]

Thank you for taking interest!

This looks awesome!

For another drum keyboard tho) Interesting why they allow you to post this on marketplace. No doubt my 3D keyboard is very simple and clean, but it means it’s very flexible to setup on any needs. Even for haptic gloves usage. But I guess someone could find that the custom keyboard is a bit expensive and choose the common one.

More info about VR multilingual keyboard here:

Your keyboard is awesome! Great job! Not to mention its multilingual which is something mine doesn’t have. As I mentioned on your project’s thread I thought it was funny that I’ll be rolling out the drum keyboard update around the same time you post your keyboard project.

On to defending my keyboard now… lol

If the keyboard is loaded with a ton of huge textures then sure, it will have performance issues. Every texture that I’ve included with the keyboard is 50x50 pixels so they equate to nothing essentially and based on profiler data (full profiler, GPU and CPU profiler) there is no performance issues. The only time this keyboard may hog resources is if you are spawning one due to the fact that all the textures and materials that could potentially be used has to be loaded up in an instant.

I can admit that adding the ability to customize the keyboard does add additional steps that some people may not want, but that’s the point of giving it the ability to be customized. None of the included textures or materials have to be used if you don’t want to use them. If you are just looking for something simple then the textures/materials provided can be removed and you can do as you please from there since its essentially a bare-bones keyboard minus a few buttons.

I’m glad you brought this up though because you do bring up a good point. Some people just want something super simple without all the fancy **** like a background and pretty buttons and because of that I will be including a bare-bones keyboard for each input style (point and click and drum) in a future update that has the minimum needed to function so everyone can build off of that if they want to rather than start with a fully featured keyboard.

Drum Interaction Update (update 2.0)

The drum interaction update should be pushed out this week to everyone :smiley:

The keyboard is great. Any chance to improve the image quality of the browser?

‘Drum’ Interaction Update & NEW LOW PRICE

Howdy everyone!

I would like to announce that the ‘Drum’ Keyboard has been officially pushed out! You can now give your players the the feeling that they are drummers while sending messages, but this interaction type is also more immersive over the traditional ‘Point and Click’ interaction.

The next thing I would like to announce is that there has been a permanent price reduction on the keyboard pack. As of today, the pack is now being sold for $14.99 (originally $24.99)!


Thank you to everyone who has purchase the keyboard pack as well as to everyone who has taken an interest!

I do believe this is accomplished by changing the size of the browser widget inside the blueprint called WBP_WebBrowser. I’ll have to look and get back to you though. I don’t think there is any quick setting that changes this for you.

Do you know of a way to get the keyboard to start in lowercase opposed to starting in caps mode?

PS, with the Oculus Touch, when I assign a left controller trigger to left click, it clicks but to wherever the right controller is aiming. Is there a way I can get both of them to work independently?

Sorry for the late reply, been a busy week for me.

  1. To start in lower case rather than upper case is simple. Depending on which keyboard you are using, you’ll either open WBP_PointAndClick_Button or WBP_DrumButton and replace the UpperCase/PrimaryKeyText variable in the Event Begin Play logic with LowerCaseText/SecondaryKeyText. I’m not too sure why I used different naming schemes for each keyboard so I’m gonna go through and change everything so they match. I’m also in the middle of redoing all the documentation so I’ll make sure that I include this info in the docs as well.

  2. Not sure what could be causing your issue with the Rift controllers because I’m not having the issue. Are you using 4.15 or 4.16? I’ll be switching everything over to use Epic’s VR template as the base so in the future these types of issues shouldn’t occur.



Super sweet and simple, thank you lots! :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m hitting an issue with multiple keyboards (Point and Click) and browsers in the same map. Each key ‘stroke’ replicates depending on the number of keyboards - twice for 2, three time for 3, and whatever is ‘typed’ appears in each of the message bars above the other keyboards. Each keyboard is configured to type to it’s corresponding browser. Has anyone else had this issue and does anyone know a workaround, I can restrict to one Keyboard and dynamically allocate the target browser. Thanks.

Sorry for the really late reply.

The reason for this is because during the construction of WBP_PointAndClick I use the ‘Get All Widgets Of Class’ node and return all WBP_PointAndClickButton’s being used which means every button from EVERY KEYBOARD will be found and stored. I had set everything up for single player based games which I just assumed only one set of all the included Blueprints would be used and it seems you are trying to go the multiplayer route which I haven’t had time to toy with in this project yet.


I am working on VR Keyboard for Google Cardboard but Spacebar and Delete buttons don’t provide correct inputs. It is working fine over Vive and Oculus but only over Google Cardboard it is giving issues.

Can you please let me know if you made or tested this plugin for Google cardboard as well ?

Looking forward hearing back from you !

Thanks & Regards,
Paramjot Singh

I have not tried this out on Google Cardboard yet, BUT I do have one that I can use to test it out for you. I’ll keep you informed.

EDIT: What version of UE4 are you running? I’m assuming 4.18, but just needing to make sure.


I have tested it over 4.16, 17 and 18 as well. I found same issue on all these 3 versions. If you can test and let me know your feedback, I will really appreciate that.

Paramjot Singh

Any word on the enter button getting fixed? tis a real buzzkill in terms of navigation :frowning:

Did you ever figure out how to get all the keys working for mobile VR?

Enter button getting fixed is up to Epic. I’ll have to dig up the bug report and see what the status is on it, but this was reported back during the 4.15 days so who knows what’s going on with it.

Responded to your email about this issue.

For everyone else that reads this, the keyboards work in DayDream and GearVR so unless you made modifications I’m not too sure what the issue would be without looking at individual projects.

Hi i have on 4.18 on WBP_PointAndClick Widget a issue, on Designer if open the wid the designer zoom out and i cant edit it its to small