Vr Video player

hi, i would like to do a VR video player that could playback VR gameplay capture.

i’ve recorded some VR gameplay thanks to OBS OpenVR input plugin.
It give me that kind of video:

Those kind of video can’t be played right in a vrvideo 180 player (like deovr because the video is projected on a sphere and my video is already rectilinear.)

So i would like to do a simple video player that play the left part of the video on left eye and the second part on the right eye without any transformation.

I’m pretty new to UE4 and i was thinking to project the video with two cameras to a stereo material and then use this material into UMG to get a screenspace projection.

Unfortunatly, it seams that my stereo material doesn’t work with UMG user interface material.

Do you have any tips or idee to achive this kind of video player?

Not a good idea. I do not recommend playing back captured VR game or any kind of such video, to a vr player. Instant motion sickness. It will be terrible.