VR Vehicle

Hi Folks

I’m using the advanced vehicle template in 4.23 and running it on the rift, it works really well however I want to change the vehicle or add a bodyshell so that I can change the viewing position of the driver, it’s currently between the frame sides and above the chassis, I have tried moving the camera higher and adding a vehicle body as a child of the driveable vehicle and located the camera where the driver would be, but…no matter where I move the camera too it always comes back to where it was, this makes me think that the VR camera origin is a child of something else but I am a bit of an unreal noob and not sure how to find it, I did find a reference to a node that allows me to move the VR camera and even tried this but it just ignored it and went right back to sitting under the new “body” and above the chassis.

Is there any way of making this adjustable at runtime? or even a way of moving it befroe building/launching it