VR Vehicle offset

I´m trying to make a drivable vehicle that can enter by the player.
I have a VR player pawn and a vehicle pawn.
When playing in the vehicle the position of the VR camera relative to the vehicle model is not correct.
How can I change this?

Does the Vehicle have a working VR camera by default (IE when you auto-possess at the start of the game, does it look ok? It’s only when you switch from the VRPawn that it’s bad?)

If so, simply, off your possess execution line, get all of the cameras on the Car, and deactive them, and then get the camera you want, and activate it.

Another issue, particularly with 4.12 if you’re on that, is VR cameras really, really want spring arms. Without them the camera tends to default to the models 0,0,0. So that might be your issue… if it is simply attach a spring arm with an arm length of 0 and attach your camera, then position your camera/the spring arm where you’d like and it should work.

Thank you, the spring arm did it!