VR underwater DOF blur ?

Depth of field - blur and Chromatic aberration post process effect not working…

Hello Mates,

For VR underwater swimming sequence, I put a post process volume in the ocean to create :

  1. Blur though depth of field (boke)
  2. Chromatic aberration for underwater effect

None works… I used the VR template **motion controller map. **I read that there is some kind of override in the VR template which explains this.

But anyway how to stop this override to create these visual underwater effects in VR? (I still use the 4.22.3 version)

It is a bit sad nobody was willing to help about this.
After quite some time and research I found the solution myself, here it is in case others need it :

If you have used the VR template the problem lies in the parameters that disable DOF, Chromatic aberration or other post processing effect. I do understand that this setting was done for limiting processing work in VR but in underwater you need DOF effect.

What I did and which work : in the config folder delete the file **DefaultScalability.ini (or you can rename it just to keep it as a refeence)
and in the files DefaultEngine.ini delete the lines of the **[/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] part

Then everything works and you can create your underwater visual effects as usual.

Thank you my hero.