VR Two Story Nav Mesh Issues

Hi All,

I am currently Making a VR Arch Viz and are having issues regarding my second floor when it comes to the nav mesh.

When I teleport around I semi-randomly go between the two floors. I have checked that my colliders are correct (although most of my colliders are using the complex as simple), and have even tried to block it out again with invisible cubes, but to no avail. I have also tried editing the code to make the teleport beam become smaller, hoping that it would prioritize the floor I am no, but again, no luck.

I am running out of ideas, as my knowledge of the unreal engine is limited, any tips would be appreciated.

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Additional Infomation,

I have done a bit of testing to try and trouble shoot what the problem could be. Turns out it is when the player aims at a target that isn’t on the ground floor nav mesh, it looks to see if there is a nav mesh above and send you their (and vice versa on the first floor).

To counter this I am now looking throught the VR template to see if I can add a Z height difference Limiter (althought I will really need a hand for this)

Did you solve this? I’m struggling with the same thing.

I’ve struggled with this issue, and finally came to a somewhat jury rigged solution. It works, though.
You need to set up a blueprint, that’ll register that you want to go to the second floor and a nav modifier volume. For me it was a simple collision box encompassing whole second floor. When you pass the treshold you need to change nav data from “null” to default. When you leave that zone, you change that back.

And here comes two issues with how all of this works. First, Motion Controller Pawn doesn’t actually move around, it seems. It doesn’t affect collision boxes when you move or teleport. To properly affect collisions you need to make a proxy collision blueprint that you spawn and attach to your Camera Component and test against it.

Another thing is with the fact, that nav modifier isn’t accessible as a component inside of a blueprint. It’s really weird, but maybe I’m missing something. To work around that, I created an Event Dispatcher in collision box blueprint, that gets called when you make a collision.

To listen for that dispatcher I’m using a level blueprint, where you can have a direct link to nav modifier volume, and where you can change its state.

I am also have same problem but its not working for me. Its not working at play mode set area class was change but navigation to 1 st floor not working,

the navmodifiervolume change null to default but navigation not create at game play.
Its a working project plz reply fast i have to summit on Saturday.