VR Toggle Mesh on left and Right Hand

Hi i Have a Weapon and add a Mesh to the Weapon,

now i want to toggle Visibility the mesh and work fine but only on left hand!

How i can to right hand?

You could build your function in a way that it gets all BP Motioncontrollers in the scene and toggles your specific mesh on all of them. Another way would be to get the player pawn and get the Motioncontrollers references in the Motioncontroller Pawn and then do the switch on both instances.
To ensure you’re not creating a null pointer you’d put an isValid in front of your actual visibility switch.

and how? make it this function?

This is how I would do it:

Add an Actor variable to your BP Motioncontrollers that is being filled with a reference of said weapon when it’s being attached.

You can’t use toggle visibility for this I think, also don’t forget to tick “propagate to Children”

Could you post your overall structure and how your weapon is build?
How did you hide your weapon for your left hand?

Maybe you could add an Event in your Weapon Class that hides the mesh when you call it?
This would be fired after you got the references from your BP Motioncontrollers.

ok but the weapons are not in motion controller is a own Blueprint!

hmm not work for me

propagate to Children is on and why i cant use toggle visibility? Set Visibility dont work too

wow this is to mutch to post here i build a own weapon system

here you can see a litle bit

But this is The Weapon Grab BP but i want the Toggle on my Weapon Parent BP

its a normal BP with a Mesh

dont understand what you mean

You put an event in your Weapon Parent BP.
The event hides your weapons.
You fire the event after finding you which motioncontroller has a valid weapon reference.