VR Throw/Detach actor lag

I am working on VR multiplater for oculus quest. I have dificulties with smoothly throwing objects. I tried many things and I am stuck - maybe you could help me?

Recently I have started using smooth sync plugin - but that did not change anything unfortunetly.

Right now I am:

  • grabing actor and attaching it on server
  • when releasing grip I am detaching actor
  • then I am enabling physics
  • and lastly I am calling SetPhysicsLinearVelocity to apply force to object

When in standalone it works very well - but running as Client (or especially when testing on dedicated server) there is quite noticable lag before the object detaches …

I have tried making grab/drop functions multicast - that did not help.
I have tried disabling replication and enabling when it hit something - that helped but after enabling it back there were wiered jitteres…

I have tried increasing replication frequency etc. but nothing helps … any ideas? Let me know If you need more details.