VR Theatrical experience creators in need of Niagara help

We are a volunteer team making a beautiful VR lobby experience for the upcoming SIGGRAPH conference in LA. We are new to using Niagara in UE4 and could use some help/advise. Our desire is to make this beautiful and relaxing visual space that’s made up of floating light motes that are undulating underneath them like subtle ripples on an ocean (reference: Shader - Shadertoy BETA).

We want our audience to be able to play with the particles while they’re waiting for other audience members to join and before we’ve begun the jurored program of some of the Best of the Best VR experiences in the world.

The audience will be in a fully immersive rig with an Oculus Rift and Touch controllers in hand. We’d like to design a system to repulse and attract particles based on where their hands are and if they are pressing triggers. We’re making progress, but slowly and could use some help and guidance from some one who knows what they’re doing in this new system in UE4.

If you have Niagara experience and could help us with some questions we may have, please reach out here or at [EMAIL=“”]