VR template with multiple blueprints

Good morning all,

Im a new Unreal Engine 4 user with background experience on computing world and related applications stuff.

My idea/long term goal its to learn the basics to try create a standalone dark/horror experience to familiarize with the VR implementation over the Oculus Rift CV1 + Touch controllers hardware.

For that, I have get some interesting blueprints on the official Marketplace like:

A - Procedural Nature Seasons Pack in Environments - UE Marketplace
B - First Person Horror Template in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

The first one will help with the landscape development boost and the second one including all the basic mechanisms of this type tittles (Or this is the idea).

Problem 1: The thing it’s that I started loading the original VR template and exactly the HDMMotionMap map to see how the motion controlled interaction works. Everything was fine alowing me to see/move my hands and teleporting sucessfully. After that I migrate those thow premium blueprints to the VR project base, I create small and fast testing landscape (With A blueprint) and I copy/paste the VRPawn action from the HDMMotionMap which from what I see, represent the player position and motion/coordination data. I test in a fast way and see that my hands are tracking correctly but when I want teleport to another place, a short, blue and buged cylinder apeares on my selected hand not alowing me to teleport because it doesnt show and position the new place in the ground. I really dont know if there’s something more deeper that needs to be tweaked on those non VR merged blueprint or not.

Problem 2: Talking about the B blueprint, its basically a set of horror based movable/interactive objects and actions to have the basic mechanism ready in a more or less fast way. The problem is that this blueprint its not compatible with VR nativelly not allowing Touch controllers. It allows to use only gamepad commands nativelly. It’s posible to modify the template to compatibilize with Touch controllers?

Overview: Like you see, the main idea it’s to have a main project with all the blueprints on it compatible with the Oculus Rift CV1 + Touch controllers experience.

Any help would be highly apreciated. Im also available on Skype or any other communication method you prefer.

Thank you so much for your time and sorry for my Engish. I try to improve everyday.

Problem 1: very likely you need to add a Navigation Mesh to your level. Teleportation from the standard VR template relies on a Nav Mesh to determine where you are allowed to teleport to.

Problem 2: it is definitely possible, but I cannot be more specific since I don’t know the template you are working with. In principle you can Migrate the MotionControllerPawn (and its dependencies) from the VR Template to your template, add a Nav Mesh to handle teleportation and you are ready to go.

Give it a try and post again here if you need more help.

Good night,

Thanks for your tips. I advanced a bit more with my issues:

Problem 1: Your where right. The problem was the NavMesh. Teleport working. How to enable free locomotion?

Problem 2: Not important advances. I got my blueprints working but since this blueprint its based on object interaction, doors opening, keys management, light switch management, jumpscares and more the meshes gets bugged.

I think that maybe the blueprint should be adecuarse for VR interaction with Touch controllers.

Thank you again.