VR Template to existing project


Very noob question. I have got my existing project and imported VR template to it by Add New >> Add Feature >> VR Template.

Then I drop Motion ControllerPawn into my existing map and click on Play and instead of starting from Pawn I start from where I am.
I could just import thing into Template map but thats too long. Tried for the whole day googling but could not find anything.


Go to project settings - > maps and modes - > default game mode, and apply a game mode where the pawn option is set to MotionControllerPawn. You might have to make your own game mode, which you can do by right clicking in the content browser - > Blueprints - > GameMode. Then, inside your level, go to “World Settings” next to the details panel and just to be sure, set “Override Game Mode” to your newly created game mode.

I tried to do as you wrote but I do not work.

I too have migrated settings and blueprint classes on another project, if I open a new map I can’t use the VR Template settings.
Surely some mistake setting.

What could be the problem?

i have the same problem!! heelp

Make sure there is no Player Start in the level and that World Settings doesn’t have any GameMode Override defined. Next click on the VR Pawn which is placed inside the level to select it, then in its Details panel scroll down to the Pawn section and for Auto Possess Player select Player 0. Now when you Play you should be controlling your VR Pawn.

I have done all of this, but my controller and telefort don’t work! can anyone have answer?

Can you share your project in any way? It is close to impossible to determine what could be wrong without seeing it.

You will need to add the keybindings to the new project and a navmesh. Vr won’t work without this.