VR Template teleportation bug VIVE

I created a new project from the VR Game Template and added the VIVE VR plugin.

Picking up Objects works, but the teleportation option seems broken. The circle for the teleportation target/aiming is always at the players feet and therefore can not be used to teleport around the area.

I have tried to put the Player start higher off the ground. Then a teleportation arc can be seen, but the length/position of it is not variable, and always very close to the player still.

Since this is the starting project template, NavMeshBoundsVolume, NavModifierVolume and RecastNavMesh are already added to the scene.

The Template is set up for OpenXR. Not sure what the Vive plugin is, but if you are using the SteamVR plugin, see this thread:

Thank you, this works!