VR Template Teleport on Landscape?

Hi All,

I have a very mountainous terrain. 2km 8k resolution.

Using VR template with a few medications:

  1. added component to pawn Pawn movement float so that can also move by keyboard.

  2. Character class set on VR Pawn to Character so that gravity works and he does not just float.

I hope that is right and that 1 and 2 do not somehow mess each other up since one says float?

  1. I have this set in project settings: project settings-> nav mesh -> runtime generation this somehow enables the land to be teleported on?

  2. I have a Nav mesh boundary in the level set very large

  3. Using windows mixed reality with HP Reverb, I had to turn the mixed reality on in plugins, it works fine in regular VR template level. That was another story its working now though…

Right now the character is not teleporting very well almost never. Sometimes will jump up and then times not. Mostly not teleporting…

Is there a way to turn up the resolution of the collision on the land? or what is causing this problem? Do I need to change some of the character settings to make it possible to climb more? or what am I doing wrong? Even on fairly flat areas the teleport seems problematic.

Edit Update: removing pawn movement float from components does not help. Changing the character maximum step height does not help, max climb angle to 80 degree maybe helps a tiny bit, I can confirm that when i put a plane in the level I can teleport easily on it, its the landscape teleport that is hugely not working.

I know its a setting like the teleport target size? or angle? or the collision complexity of the land, or ??? Help appreciated. thanks!!

Thank you!

Sorry its been mentioned i shorten this. So I cant teleport when i change the VR pawn class to Character thats about it. suggestions appreciated!

If you hit “P” you can visualize the navigation mesh, it will show you where your pawn could possibly teleport to on your landscape, maybe this could help you determine if the problem lies with your landscapes collision.