VR Template Play as Client HMD Tracking UE-122229

Additional info for Issue UE-122229:

From a new project, starting VR Preview does not track headset properly if Play as Client is selected and Run Under One Process is checked.

UE 4.27 | New Project | VR Template

Play Standalone | VR Preview => Works (HMD Tracking)

Play as Listen Server | VR Preview => Works (HMD Tracking)

Play as Client | VR Preview => Does not work

HMD seems to want to track, but is being forced back to original location. As if server isn’t getting client position info, and net client is updating on server’s unchanged position.

Advanced Settings | Run Under One Process = False | Play as Client | VR Preview => Works (HMD Tracking like other setups)

Is this a bug, some configuration issue on the default VR Pawn, or a problem with my setup (O-Rift)?
Why does Run Under One Process setting change the behavior?

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Thank you. seems like play stand alone is also necessary to test client.

This is a known bug and is fixed in the upcoming 5.0.2 Hotfix