VR Template not opening after crash


I was able to create the VR Template in UE5 once and even opened it there. But while trying to play it on my Quest it crashed and since then it is unable to open the editor. I even tried to create a second template project but that didn’t help. I don’t even get a crash report or anything, it’s just not opening and the task manager tells me it’s not responding.

I even let it “open” the project for 2 hours straight, which didn’t help either.

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Hey Desoxi, would you mind filing a bug report via our Bug Submission Form so our team can better investigate?

Hey Amanda, I just submitted the bug report: Case #

I also experienced this phenomenon, I deleted an item, a sphere primitive actually, from a scene with a Meta Human using the Keyboard Delete key, and it went non-responsive as Desoxi described above. It does not crash but went unresponsive like a freeze.

I ended task with Task Manager and then loaded it back up, but now the project freezes on renaming an asset and any simulation attempt, So it no longer can be played. Any freeze must be ended in Task Manager. Other UE5 projects continue to work fine. Desoxi may have encountered an unrecoverable corruption.

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