VR template not grabbing or teleporting even in the preview mode.. only HMD is working fine?

Hi, im trying out VR template the grabbing or teleporting is not coming in preview mode only HMD is working fine. Please someone help me out to fix this problem

  • Which HMD are you using?
  • Which map are you trying out? Are you on the MotionControllerMap?

I’m using Htc vive, yes motion controller map only… hmd is working fine but controllers are not even detected in preview mode…what sholud i do… please help

Does it work fine outside of UE4?

yes its working fine

Strange. Did you already try with a fresh UE4 installation?

I am having the exact same problem. You can see the VR hands (Standard template hands) and they move around, but you cannot teleport or the fingers don’t move or grip anything. Using 4.18.0

I should also point out that if I create a new project (VR Template) it works fine. Somehow existing projects get corrupted? This has happened to me twice now.

You should check if your navmesh is alright or if some collision is interrupting your navmesh.

You can check the navmesh with the shortcut “P”

Check that the input events for the controller buttons are properly mapped under Project Settings → Input. You can also do a quick test by adding a controller button event directly in the VR Pawn Blueprint and checking whether you can get a Print String to the log.

I made something in 4.14 and it stopped working in 4.18. Under BP_motioncontroller, in the trace teleport destination method (or whatever it is. Haven’t done anything with this since 4.14 :/), “projectpointtonavigation” was deprecated. It needed to be replaced.

What I did: Delete the current one, drag a node from “get navigation system” and select this. Input location from “break hit result” and “make vector” into point and query extent, respectively, drag this to the “and” operator, and drag “projected location” to “nav mesh location”. That fixed the issue for me.

This may not be the cause of your issue, but if it is I’m glad I could help, and even if it isn’t, someone with the same problem as me may come along and see this.

RDC check under the BP_motioncontroller blueprint, trace teleport destination. Is “projectpointtonavigation” deprecated? If so, that’s your issue. It was changed, and the old one no longer functions. Replace it with the new one (copy from a new blueprint (at least 4.17 I think. I’m on 4.18)). This solved all of the issues for me… I think. All of the things that are breaking it now (which aren’t at all related to the controllers and are just me not doing other things right) were there before… so at least I’m back to where I left off.

Hello, I said it on another similar post so I put it here too : I had this issue quite often these last weeks and I found a simple fix in some situations : when I press play and the VR preview window opens, I put the HMD on, and I noticed recently that once the HMD is on, in some cases the unreal editor window is getting back on top of the VR preview. A simple ALT+TAB on the vr preview window got the hand grabbing functionnal again. Hope this helps someone.