VR Template: Mirroring movement of hands possible?

In post-stroke therapy there’s a method called “Mirror Box” where the patient uses his healthy hand alongside a mirror. When the patient looks into the mirror he sees his paralysed hand doing the motion.

I’ve been experimenting with the Unreal VR Template to mirror the movement from the hand controllers. Switching the grab function is easy but i didn’t find a way for mirroring the movement from one hand to the other. When the hands get spawned in the MotionControllerPawn Blueprint they are attached to the VR Origin Scene Component - not much options here.

Maybe somebody has an idea for a setting to achieve this mirroring behaviour in the VR Template?

On the relevant hand, you could detach the mesh from the motion controller component, point the motion controller component at the other hand, grab the transformation from the motion controller component, do whatever math on it, and then apply that modified transform to the mesh.

Thank you for your thoughts, Incurian. That mesh detaching from the controller sounds interesting - will give it a try. Maybe it will shift from pure curiosity to a leisure project.