VR Template for LAN Multiplayer


I’m trying to create LAN VR Multiplayer where both players are using VR Headset (VIVE)

I’m using the VR Template From EPIC

First of all, I want to ask if the motion controller template is capable of LAN Multiplayer straight out of the box? Is it normal to face such problems like these I will describe below?

  1. The problem is when the client joins the Host, the host doesn’t see the client motion controller hands.
    All VR Pawn and motion controller blueprint have replicated variables and components.
    The client can call RPC’s and both of the players can see the result.

  2. Also, the Client can’t teleport using the navmesh, but the server can.

  3. On Spawn the Client receives an additional pair of skeletal hands attached to his left hand.

I’m aware that there are VR plugins, but I don’t want to mess up with plugins right now, just stick to regular VR Template.

Does anybody have a clue how I can fix that?

Hey Mos.

I have been looking around for a few days about how to get multiplayer VR setup but the available info is very… sparse!

I did find this though → Collab Viewer Template Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation

Its a template in the Architecture section when you create a new UE4 project.
This is a template for connecting multiple VR users on the same LAN network. It may be helpful.
I am just looking through it now.

If you know of any info on how to connect remote VR players together over the internet please let me know.

Looking around I also found a great tutorial on YouTube by Strigifo →
He also posts some links to helpful resources in the description.

i have the exact same problem, the client cant teleport, and an extra skeletal mesh in my left hand, and cant open my hand after i close it with the trigger, and also server cant see client move. anyone found a solution for this ?