Vr template: editing teleport function

Hey, so I found the ue4 teleport really bad, specially after playing robo recall, and I wanted to make it work like this game. This is a very specific feature for people who don’t have a 360 degree space for VR and preferably should be always looking forward and facing the sensors. So the worst thing about the ue4 teleport for me is that when you turn your head, the direction of the teleport turns with it. So if you are looking to your side and you want to teleport to somewhere you are looking at, and also select the directionyou will be looking at after teleporting, you can’t, because when you turn back your head to the default position (looking forward) you are no longer facing the direction you teleported to.

It’s a little hard to explain, but I’m sure anyone who messed with the VR preset must have had the same frustration. Putting in another words, when I’m holding the stick to teleport, and turning the stick to choose the facing direction after the teleport, that direction should be where I’ll be facing with my head looking forward, and not where I’ll face with my current head rotation, regardless where I’m looking at when I teleport. Hopefully what I mean is understandable. Is it possible to do so?

Another thing that bothers me is having to click the thumbstick button to activate teleport. It’s terrible because clicking it is not the most quick and natural thing to do, and most importantly, you must release the click before returning the stick to the center position or your orientation change won’t work and you will just teleport facing the same direction as before I find myself most of the time misfiring teleportation because of this. Is it possible to change?