[VR Template C++] Share EpicGames VR Template Full C++ Porting Project

<EpicGames VR Template Full C++ Convert Project>

Hello Community!

I am VR Indie Developer In Korea.

I am going to share the VR Template of Epic Games with Full CPP as open source.


Here is Template Code!

Hi, thanks for the template. However, I get an error when trying to build for 4.19 Error: BT ERROR: Failed to produce item: /…/UE4Editor-SomTemplate_VR.dll

Thank you for notice that error

i will check that error soon! :smiley:

In 4.19.

In OnConstruction Function,

you need to change this.

// SomWorks :smiley: // Deprecated Hand Variable 4.19, Use this API.
// MotionController->Hand = Hand; // 4.18 Code
MotionController->SetTrackingSource(Hand); // 4.19 Code

Thank you Sombusta! I will try this :wink:

It worked! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to get this to run on the latest preview of unreal engine 4.20, but I’m getting a massive amount of errors trying to compile. Has anyone been able to do this?

I didn’t checked yet when the version are 4.20 because it was preview

but i’ll check it when official release later.

I found what was the problem.

In Unreal Engine 4.20 Version, i checked that the navigation system and some code were big updated and deprecated

I will update this code soon.

Thank you.

How did you use UHeadMountedDisplayFunctionLibrary ? Because in the source code it’s private (well BlueprintPure)

hmm… If that’s right what I understand,

first, your ProjectName.Build.cs add HeadMountedDisplay Modules for Use HeadMountedDisplayFunctionLibrary.

like this <PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string] { “Core”, “CoreUObject”, “Engine”, “InputCore”,** “HeadMountedDisplay” **});>

second, include “HeadMountedDisplayFunctionLibrary.h” and then you can use UHeadMountedDisplayFunctionLibrary Static Functions :smiley:


Finally, i updated 4.20 Project.

i modified my code, and than 4.20 compile Success.

If have problems, please reply to this thread.


Hey why did you make the components in the motion controller class private? I can’t access them from other C++ classes as a result, why not have them be public so blueprints and other C++ classes can access them?