VR Teleport size, how to change

I’ve create a plan of small house and I have come across the issue of teleport size.

The teleport itself seems to require like 1m diameter area to be able to teleport into, I’ve places like in kitchen there is space of 0,9m between kitchen counter and table, small hallway in “house care” room which has also 0,9m width and I cannot get to those location due to large teleport area requirement.

There is even smaller places I would like to get into but the main question is how do I edit the teleport area size so it can fit to smaller places.

I couldn’t figure out keywords to findout this myself by googling, forums or documentation, so any directions would be appreciated.

did you solve it?

This is still not solved, just got back to it trying to figure it out on 4.16 but I still can’t figure it out. maybe it is so simple that noone bothers to answer it or it is so hard that noone has actually figured it out :confused:

Remove the check for navmesh and allow teleport to wherever the line trace hits

You can also tweek the value “Cell Size” under “Generation” (RecastNavMesh-Default).
It works for me with 6.0 for small hallway (0.9m).

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Open BP_MotionController in Content>VirtualRealityBP>Blueprints.
On the top, where there are all the function graph tabs, look for Trace Teleport Destination function.
In “My Blueprint” panel, on the left by default, you’ll see Local Variables.
Select the float variable called “ProjectNavExtends”, the default value is 500.
Change it to what suits you.

Hey, I’m a bit later on this (hahaha) but I’ve been dealing with similar issues and I changed this variable you said and didn’t notice any difference. What am I supposed to see when increasing or decreasing it?