VR Support - changes needed?

Hi gang Unreal Engine!

A question on VR; I have a game ready to ship soon. 1st person adventure game that per se has nothing that wouldn’t work in VR environment (no 2D sidescroller minigame etc) The game has been largely built already and making changes at this point would prove extremely cumbersome. The game is to good extent based on firstpersonshooter character template etc. So the question is, how well UE supports VR visors (not controls, they won’t be supported) natively? Can I state in marketing that the game supports VR visors and are there any visors that do not function as others do, ie. its works automatically on Oculus but Steam visor would require additional work to function?.

In other words, does UE 4.11 natively support VR visors automatically so no specific dev work is required? At this stage, I can’t update to further UE versions.

Thanks again!

It supports it in the sense that if the player has access to the console and enters ‘stereo on’ into it then it will start rendering in stereo. But even if that’s the case if you don’t have your camera set up to follow the HMD then there will be no head tracking of any kind.

Furthermore ‘natively support VR visors automatically so no specific dev work is required’ isn’t really a thing. VR requires pretty specific development to make it usable. Just turning on stereo rendering will not give you a good experience and if you have traditional first person controls it will likely be a very nauseating experience.

But if you want to see what your game will look like and how it will behave in VR you can always turn stereo rendering on and see for yourself.

Thank you QSBen, makes sense.

Would you mind telling me if I want to have a VR mode, would it do so that the on Begin Play, Enable HMD would be set true and a console command “Stereo On” would be triggered or do these happen automatically if player has a HMD plugged in and running?

EnableHMD should also enable stereo rendering so you don’t need to do both. But you do need to use either EnableHMD or use the stereo console command.

Great, thanks!