VR Storytelling studio looking for technical Blueprint expert

We are a small studio in the USA looking for regular contract/paid freelancers who are skilled in UE4 Blueprint, UMG, and VR (including the use of hand controllers). Most of the work will be creating blueprints for custom player events that supports our stories, assign controller functions and assist with implementation of custom and odd controlling devices (3d printed, Kinetic, Vive SDK, leap frog), and make sure they work and integrate well with the engine.
We deploy self-contained experiences so the capability to optimized the code and project to work well within the assigned system specs is also a must.
We work with advertising companies, NGO’s, Goverment, for that reason, signing an NDA and being American or US resident is a requirement and lives within the US territory if required to meet (paid expenses).

Must haves:

Blueprint UE4 proficiency.
Project optimization
Able to program different types of controllers and implement the SDK if not already in the engine.
VR Technology (Vive, Rift, others are +) must be able to implement the designer’s ideas, movement, menus, interaction for VR
UMG proficient including animation.

There are plus, but not required. (can guarantee extra work!)

Animation implementation from outside editor.
Deployment to different platforms.

Must provide portfolio or work, a sample of codes or blueprint functionality or any relevant application of your skills and resume with project credits if available.

We offer competitive pay, based on skill level/ project scope and our team is laid back, easy to work with.

Please submit your inquiries and we will get in touch ASAP! Everyone that meets the must have will be contacted.


Can you please share some more details about project if possible ?

Are you looking for inhouse or remote work is also fine ?

I’ve recently developed this innovative solution for VR

If you’re interested in this technology in your projects feel free to contact me using the email address you find below

Best Regards

Nicolas Esposito

How do you like to be contacted? You should provide an email address, as you cannot be reached via PM at the moment.

I am certainly interested in your offer, you can contact me at .

Remote work is fine and preferred. We want the option of meeting in person at least once during the project open.

Will email! Thank you!