VR Splash Screen crash deploy

Hello. I’m trying to insert a splash screen before starting the levels of my project. I inserted the blocks in the primary blueprint level, the image was compressed in UserInterface2D (RGBA). When I play in the editor everything is fine but when I play the deploy project works the first time and then crashes the following times. I tried various formats and different images but I have the same results.
UE4 4.20.3
SteamVR last upgrade

Assertion failed: !SteamVRHMD->VRCompositor [File:D:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Steam\SteamVR\Source\SteamVR\Private\SteamVRSplash.cpp] [Line: 52]


I’m pretty mush a beginner in UE4. I spent hours in the MultiUserViewer template trying to create a session with 2oculus rift headsets ( on different computers ).
Only after i broke the link to “set splash screen” did the exe finally start working as it should.
I used UE4 4.22.2