VR specific tweaks and tricks forum page

Hello VR sub-community. I’ve been thinking we need a go-to place which lists some of the undocumented/obscure settings/tweaks to both the engine and the drivers of each HMD type. For example, I use a Vive and know there are a settings which can be adjusted to improve or alter the device usage for development purposes. I’d really love to know more of this ‘insider’ stuff and have it presented in a nice formatted, stickied page here.

For example -

Running the compositor with a -keepalive switch will prevent the engine going nuts as it interacts with the SteamVR drivers, preventing the flickering etc.
Typing vrmonitor://compositor/hidemirror or vrmonitor://compositor/showmirror into a command line box will show or hide a mirror screen.

There’s also a steamvr.vrsettings config file in the steam folder which may be of use.

Also - there are loads of console commands for tuning performance.

I’d like to know ALL the commands in order to develop properly. What I personally would like is a way to track the controllers and HMD without actually going into VR mode - It’s tiring to constantly put the thing on and off when you’re just tuning a few ranges or variables. I’m sure it’s just a switch or console command away. The vrmonitor:// type of command hints at there being a whole set of these commands available.
Edit - Ok, i’ve got this one now. I tried typing it before but never pressed enter as it didn’t autocomplete in the console (Duh) but stereo off does the job for me. The controllers still track but the screen goes to ‘non-vr’ mode.*

If anyone has a good list of these commands i’d happily maintain a page dedicated to this stuff.


This isn’t a console command, but tweaks I make in every game to improve VR performance is to make a Post Process Volume (set it to unbound so it fills the whole map) and do the follower settings:

Turn Lens Flares off
Turn Motion Blur off
And turn SSR (Screen Space Reflections) to off.

I get significant performance improvements and the game, imo, ‘feels’ better in VR.

I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. What would work really well for this info is a wiki page which contains a list of all the potential performance issues and how to’s for VR. I’ve been working with VR for over a year now and I have a lot of knowledge about it and would like to share with like minded people.