VR SLI in unreal

Just curious about where this is. It doesn’t seem to be on the roadmap anymore.

Also, any news about smp from nvidia? These magical 2-3x perf gains may have sold cards, but it would also be nice to have for real, not just as a possibility.

It’s been nearly 6 months. Let’s bump this question back up and get an answer please!

It’s been integrated by NVIDIA in their custom branch of the engine. Recent updates brought the VRWorks to 4.14, expect more during the GDC in about two weeks.


I am looking for the GDC but since it’s been technically in UE4 since September, I was looking for community feedback.

I look forward to being able to use all four 1080s in my workstation. I had a glimpse of this with the VR Funhouse with at least three of them lighting up (VRSLI + PhysX I think ?)

Matt Hermans