VR Shooter Guns - HTC Vive Edition

VR Shooter Guns has been released - please look here:
VR Shooter Guns - Now available on Steam! - Game Development - Epic Developer Community Forums

This is a tech demo of our Virtual Reality First Person Shooter “VR Shooter Guns” for the HTC Vive.

You will need a HTC Vive to play it.

It’s about shooting and guns. We hope you like it!

Download mirrors for HTC Vive here:
Google Drive

Thanks, downloading now to check it out :slight_smile:

Thanks, that was enjoyable.

if you don’t mind some feedback.
I think it needs some anti aliasing as the aliasing is very presence breaking.
Also, i believe VR games are different than traditional one in the sense that if you shot in someone head in VR and he is still alive/standing you loose this “this is real” adrenaline effect.
i would suggest to make the enemy die faster.

All that said, its great.

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it very much!

The anti-aliasing was turned off for better performance. The original demo was made for the DK2 and we had to tune quite a bit to get up to 90 fps for the Vive.

The game isn’t balanced yet. It’s too easy for some people and too hard for some other. We’re going to implement easy/hard modes for it.

Also, as you noticed, we’re not doing sophisticated collision detection yet (e.g. for headshots). This is going to be implemented soon.

And great to hear you liked it :slight_smile:

Hi, are you able to release the project files? i like to learn more on VR & its mechanics…