VR setup....


As it turns out I foolishly started with a blank project when I was building my scene for VR. I thought it would be an easy thing to just migrate to a VR template, or migrate the VR control options into my project. Is there an easy way to do either of these without having to go through and manually place all my migrated content…it also doesn’t look like the lighting migrates. Do I have to set that up again as well?



It should be easy to migrate the VR template into your project. First make sure you have all the inputs set the same way, then bring in all the content.

Sooo…I’m still somewhat new to the entire Unreal workspace. I tried exporting and importing project settings in hopes it would add the proper inputs…no luck. Is this something that needs to be done manually?

Inputs are migrated as a separate ini file. You will find the option for it in the input section.

Great…I think I have the inputs imported. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the help. It works. Now I just need to get the teleoporting set up:)

did your figure it out ? - i need help with that too!