VR + sequencer + cineCamera for previs?

Having a Vive at work, plus seeing the amazing siggraph realtime demo made me take a deep breath and dive into Unreal for the first time, specifically for previs.

Pretty comfortable with the VR editing mode after playing with it for a week, but can’t seem to get Sequencer working in VR nor the cineCamera. Am I right to assume they’re not supported right now?

Outside of VR mode it works fine; new sequencer, select the camera, hit record, drag it around, stop record, can now playback that motion.

In 4.13P1, VR editing got very twitchy when adding a cineCameraActor; the pov got separated from the hand controllers by several meters, had to flail about to reset it. Couldn’t see a way to call the sequencer from within VR mode at all.

Having seen the new tiltbrush video capture mode (one controller becomes a camera with a tablet-sized viewport pinned to it), that would be a great way to previs handheld shots in VR, similar to the mocap rig used for siggraph (minus expensive mocap rig… :wink: )

Assuming its not a toggle or obvious step I’m missing, is it possible to re-assign the behaviour of the controllers in VR edit mode? Is that even possible with blueprint, or would that require digging around in the VR edit mode source?



Hi Matt!

One of the biggest issues I’ve found with trying to do this (with the Vive) is the offset from world centre/origin. My camera would be somewhere, but the Vive does a massive offset (as it should with Room Scale mode enabled)
Have you gotten around this ?

I keep my Rift around for this reason.

I also have been using the mOculus Maya plugin if you haven’t tried that already…

Matt Hermans


Yeah, even just selecting a cineCamera while in VR edit mode causes weirdness, we’ve learned to stop doing that. Hence my suspicion that this would require proper integration with the vr edit stuff. Found a reddit post from the Epic folk saying most of the edit mode is implemented as plugins, and most of that as blueprint, so in theory it should be able to be hacked in. Might be my homework for the next few weeks…

mOculus? Ew. You know I’m a full time Houdini convert now. :wink:


Sequencer, and interacting with camera’s (within VREditor) is not really supported atm. This is definitely something that will come, and is on everyone’s mind. VREditor is slowly enabling workflow to all the parts of the Editor :slight_smile: (4.13: Mesh Paint, Foliage | 4.14: Terrain, ???).

Good to know, thanks!