VR sense of scale/space using UE4 and oculus quest 2

Hi all,

Is there any resource (technical report, published paper) that could backup the assumption that objects in VR (particularly if developed in UE4 for Oculus Quest) are true to scale (i.e., a 1mx1m object at 2m distance looks just like a 1mx1m object at 2m distance)?

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If you make your scene in 1:1 scale, it will appear smaller in VR (on HMDs with conventional FOV). You’d have to find a scale to make your scene to appear somewhat life-like in VR. I don’t think there is a hard number for that. Gotta experiment.

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Thank you, Motorsep. Would you say this is a general issue, a quest one, or a UE4 one?

It’s general VR issue with most of the HMDs on the market due to the restrictive FOV.

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