VR scale in unreal is off?

im an architect with little unreal experience.
i made a copy of my apartment in unreal so i could see how close i can get to reality with my almost non exist experience with the engine.
some part in the apartment is enlarged but the model in unreal measure exactly the same as the real apartment in most parts. yet when i put my dk2 on everything feels small. if a floor tile in unreal and reality is 20 cm in VR it look like about 13 cm.
i had to change the world to meters in VR to 77 to fit the real apartment with the VR experience.
i can see the same problem in the unreal paris apartment. everything there also feels somewhat smaller. anyone els know something about this?

Have you set the correct IPD in the Oculus configuration utility?

even when i changed the IPD to 55 it was still too small by far.

I’ve noticed this as well, as a dirty work-around you can use vr world scale setting in world settings. It seems like something between the engine code and the Oculus SDK is not set right or not being set.

Are you sure its not the fact that the default Unreal character is a bit over 190 cm tall where as the average person is more like 170?

It’s been a problem for me as I’ve experimented with DK2 as well. It’s not the player height (which I’ve tweaked), but the overall sensation of scale being too small compared to measured, real world spaces. Fudging the world-scale might be ok for showing a client something, but I couldn’t feel confident designing a space in VR unless it’s going to be WYSIWYG.

stand up. /10 chars

I did a 3d scan of my room, desk and workstation and made sure it was to scale. I positioned the camera where my head would be while sitting at my desk… The scale is definitely to small even with ipd set to 55 in the config utility

An IPD of 55 is way to small, try something like 61 and see where that takes you.
If you need to know your IPD there’s a app that lets you photograph your face in front of a creditcard/businesscard and then calculates it.
To get a really accurate IPD you can also just go to an optometrist to have it be measured for you.

Btw be carefull with the “world to scale” variable as it also increases the amount of motion offset you get by moving your head
This is not very apparent when just using a DK2 in a sit down position, but becomes a problem when you switch to a roomscale one with a vive or when oculus starts implementing their touch setup.

A few things because you mentioned that you had less experience with Unreal vs traditional Archviz work. If you read enough level design blogs, and as another person in this thread stated, the scale in Unreal and a lot of game engines due to the difference in FOV to that of the human eye is commonly exaggerated when it comes to defining the height of a virtual environment. As you’ve noticed, real world scale gets you close and consistant, but it ultimately feels wrong in the rift.

When I started experimenting with this very thing, I did 3 different things to try and improve my experience. 1. I too dropped the World scale just a little bit. I feel like 88 was a sweet spot for me, but I could be wrong, would have to check the files. 2. I created a blueprint switched that I used to shift the camera around in the player model depending if the user was sitting or standing during the experience. This might be kind of odd, but things felt more “right” to me with this adjustment. 3. I did a little cheating with heights like I mentioned above. Walls, kitchen counters and tables. Then other objects got like a 1.25 scale or something like that. It wasn’t consistent scaling, which by all traditional standards feels like a big no-no. But I think overall it really helped make the experience work better.

What gets me about this approach, is if you are doing client work in Architecture, it means you probably going to have to come up with two separate builds of your environment. The correct one that is used for everything else, and then your exaggerated version for VR, which… isn’t very cost effective.

But I completely agree with, scale that isn’t tuned for VR, even in beautiful levels such as the Paris demo really degrades the entire experience.

Hope this helps.

thanks pixelvspixel !