VR safety scenario - Moving Collision Issue


I have an issue with collision boxes when the actor is moving. I have a scenario where is going forklift around the hall. It is going because of blueprint, which you can find in the attachement. The forklift is following the spline. I have the spline in a circle, so it is going from the start over and over. With the movement of forklift, like bp_actor and his components is not problem. Everything is ok. Issue which I want to solve is in the collision areas of components. In the picture, you can see collision zone. I created it with white cube instead of collision box, for better preview.

All situation is created in VR template and the point of this is, when player (MotionCopntrollerPawn) is overlapped by collision box of forklift component, he dies. Event will hapend, something like blurry red camera etc. It doesn’t matter. VR pawn (MotioncontrollerPawn) has the second one collision sphere, which is set for overlapping with forklift.

My question is about beaviour collision zones in moving blueprint actor. Picture A is initial status for start the game. Forklift is going around the racks. It is starting with X axis and turnig to Y axis. In the case, which is in the picture 2 is collision zone (white box) with squere floorplan and box is located in 0,0,0, in the same space like forklift. Situation is Ok. When the player cross collision box, then he dies. In perfect way, it should be with different size of collision box, like is in the picture 3. There is white box covering all forklift. You could deduce, that when the player overlapp the forklift he dies again.

HERE is the main reason, why I am writing. When the forklift is going with the X axis situation is ok. You can stand next to the forklift and nothing happens (picture 4), but in case when forklift turn to the right side and it moving with Y axis I have a problem. Collision zone will not rotate in right direction and hit the player even if he is standing next to forklift in range of collision box.

I am using Unreal Engine 4.24.
Thank you for any advice