VR Rotation camera LAG in UE4 version 4.22

Hello To every One,
I recently update my project from Version 4.19 to 4.22, and i noticed that the camera componet rotation in blueprint has a lag comparing from the rotation of HMD on my head (when i rotate the head, the frame inside the HMD update the rotation with some delay), provoking a strong motion sickness sense.
this problem never occur until the version 4.19.
Can some one help me how to figure out this problem?

No one can help me?
I notice that this problem happen when in the camera option you un seleck the (Follow HMD option) and you check the (use pawn control)… Is a problem that never occur until 4.19.3.

Iv got exacly the same problem on 4.21. With Unchecking “Lock to HMD” and Checking “Use Pawn Control” it is seriously laggin really bad. And also Im looking for solution or anwser for this.And Actully with “Lock to HMD” there is a bit noticable lag.

This problem has to be solved… Otherwise everybody (like my self) who has to work with VR and Look to HMD command is forced to be stucked in 4.19.

I re-up this topic because this problem is still persisten in 4.25… I’m forced to remain on UE4 version 4.19.
I found a solution on internet as suggested here:

But I’m not able to implement it since i only use BP. Can please someone help me? I’m starting to be desperate.