VR Roomscale Rotation

I’m having trouble with rotating my VR Pawn character using a controller and could use some help. I am trying to get this pawn working nicely to share it with others so they can get a head start in creating their own VR projects.

Project UE4 - 4.21
Video showing the issue: UE4 VR Rotation - YouTube
Project files download: Dropbox - VR_Movement.zip - Simplify your life

Any help from the community would be great.

Ok so after a some messing around I’ve managed to get it kinda working it still needs a little tweaking but its working… One thing is currently broken and thats the teleport rotation, You are able to teleport but it doesnt set the rotation, However you can manually rotate with the right stick/trackpad after teleporting. I will fix this more than likely tomorrow and upload for others to use / edit.

Here Is the link: Dropbox - VR_Movement_Loco+TP.zip - Simplify your life

Feel free to use and edit as you desire.

Now I have an issue with the collision following me. Here Is a video showing the problem. Ue4 VR Pawn Roomscale Issue - YouTube If anybody knows how to fix please let me know :S