VR/Rift: Disabling/Enbabling Rotational Tracking

In first-person template, I wish to be able to click my mouse or some key to disable the Rift’s (DK2) rotational (not positional) tracking for my PlayerStart, and if possible enable it again by clicking again or on some other key.

Can you help me out? I don’t have any experience with the EventGraph, but it seems that you can do some Input/Head Mounted Display-rotation-related stuff in there(?)

There is a collection of HMD-related Blueprint nodes you should look into:

Right click in the Blueprint editor and type “Head Mounted” and you should see the section.

I don’t know of a way to turn off rotation tracking while leaving on position tracking, but off the top of my head, at each frame you could use one of the above nodes, probably “Get Orientation and Position,” to get the current rotation, then add the negative of it to the controller’s rotation to zero it out.

And maybe you know what you’re doing, but just a heads-up that turning off rotation tracking may make your users uncomfortable or sick.

Thanks! I will look into it. I am doing research for my Master’s degree on vection in VR, so I’m kinda hoping to make them a bit sick :slight_smile: