VR rendering improvements coming in 4.9?

I feel a bit like the boy who cried wolf… but from this past Tuesday’s VR support stream (not on Youtube as of this post), IMHO biggest takeaway at about 37 minutes:

Mention of 2 new VR coders at Epic, who are working on:

  • resolving some of the rendering bugs in VR (things like Light Propagation Volumes only working in one eye), working toward feature parity between stereo and non-stereo rendering, some of which will be fixed by 4.9,

  • and implementing some of the potential performance gains discussed previously

Thanks all @ Epic for this stream and taking the time to address some of these issues, it’s great to see VR support ramping up!

That sounds like music to my ears, keep supporting the pioneering VR dev’s Epic!

I really hope so. Glad to hear that they implement Valve’s ‘hidden area mesh’ (stencil rejection) optimization. :slight_smile: But at the other side they got very silent about late-latching, let alone asynchronous timewarp…

Count me in too! Be nice to gain a bit of performance back and keep pushing VR forward on UE!