VR reflections & planar reflection


Nice to have planar reflection VR-update on 4.14.
There is still few issues on reflections when using VR.

I recorded video about issues:

  1. Borders on VR-view when watching planar reflection
  2. Weird reflections when rotating / moving head and watching any reflective surface on VR
  3. VR-camera “ghost-reflections” when watching any reflective surface on VR (happens when you move your head fast) in video i’m using rift 3d-model attached to camera component of leap motion template

Is there any fixes for any of these issues?


Setting effects quality from Engine scalability settings to LOW or MEDIUM fixes borblems 2 & 3.
Seems that if you have big planar surfaces you get borders i described in issue 1. If you have small planar like small mirror, borders does not happen.