VR Re-Orginzation

Hey Everybody,

Over the summer I worked on re-writing and re-organizing the entire VR documentation, and now that the changes have gone live I wanted to share them with you.

This was a pretty big undertaking, and things are going to look quite different, but it was well worth it in the end. You will now find it much easier to find what you are looking for as each section has been unified and standardized putting all information (When possible) in the same location that you would find it for other HMDs. Each how -to now comes with a UE4 project that you can download should you want to see how the entire example works or to use it as a base to work from. Each one of the documents has gone through our internal review but should you find any errors or issues; please let me know. (I did spot a mix up in SteamVR that I have fixed, the docs just need to be re-published so it can be fixed). Also, if there are some other types of documents you feel are missing please let me know so that I can see what I can do about getting them added. As always should you have any questions please let me know and I hope you enjoy the new docs.

Great! First page I opened I learned something useful. Looking forward reading everything. Any chance some documentation / EU4 project will be added with FreeForm locomotion? There already is the VR template that uses teleportation but an additional template would be very welcome because teleportation is not for everybody.

Thanks for all this re-organization Sam, it looks more easy to step in VR now.:slight_smile:
Did you expect to update your live training about VR Multiplayer with 4.18 because the last one was from 02-03-2016.

What do you mean by Free Form Locomotion exactly? Are you talking about something like you would see in the following video?

If so, I do not have any current plans to add something like that but I can add it to my wish / work list. If you have any specific locomotion methods you would like to see in the document, please list them out so I can get a better idea of what you want to see.

We do not have any current plans to update that live stream but I can see what I can do about getting some time to look into getting some official documents on VR and Multiplayer.

Nice video. Personally I never get motion sickness using another form of artificial locomotion;

  • yaw/pitch/roll of the head always (and only) controlled by the actual head movement of the user
  • forward/sideways movement controlled by pressing the thumbstick of the OuclusTouch. Moving is relative to the direction the user is looking at (eye height relative to floor/stairs).

I changed a FP project and added this way of moving but it needs lots of refinements. Was hoping the VRtemplate would be expanded at some point with different ways of locomotion.

While I can not promise that this will happen, we have been talking about how to improve the VR template to make it Mobile and Desktop VR friendly. I have made a note of your request and will bring it up in my next meeting about the VR Template.

The new documentation looks great. Nice work.

Do you know if there is a guide anywhere on how to set up snap rotation of the player using the thumbsticks as used by Lone Echo and Thanks.

Great cleanup!

The section with links to the related livestreams is especially nice, I’d love to see links to related videos across more of the general documentation since they are so useful but often overlooked.

The VR Docs look awesome :smiley: