VR & Ray Tracing?

Does Unreal VR actually work with Ray Tracing?

Unfortunately no. Scroll all the way down.

hmmm… wait a minute… I was running a test with a ray traced project file. And further more, I just launched the VR application.
And for some reason… it worked…

what the heck… now I am really confused… or is the VR application just not ray traced?
ufff… I don’t get this …:rolleyes::eek:

At the end of 2021, still ray traced VR does not work in Unreal Engine, or does it?

Ray Tracing is supported in Multi-view since 4.24

But not for VR.

The limitation isn’t VR, it’s the forward renderer. You can do ray tracing in VR with the deferred renderer, but you’ll have to live with those tradeoffs. I keep hoping one of the new upscaling technologies (DLSS, FSR, TSR, etc) will get good enough to not be such a blurry experience. I don’t think we’re there yet.