VR question

Hello, I have been developing a few games for PC for a few years. have a few almost done but I really want to get into VR game development.
My question is there any way I can get An oculus cheaper that $400 I am on a super low budget and can’t afford the high prices of the oculus.
I wonder if there was any program where I could get a development kit or other way so i too can venture into VR game programming.
more about me, I’m a solo developer that makes tutorials alot to help people get into unreal engine, I’m from southern california.
I grew up in ohio most of my life. I been an avid gamer for many years and the new tech blows my mind. when i was a kid i seen VR but it was not anything like today’s VR. I’m a musician and song writer. i spend most of my time creating things for the games im developing solo.

you can check on Oculus Dev the Oculus Start program and do a request.
You must upload on the Oculus dashboard one app which can be on alpha stage. On the request you have the possibility to ask a Rift/touch kit.
good luck.

Also running your own YouTube channel and sharing your development progresses is a great way to get noticed and gain visibility. You may even get featured on the UE4 homepage.

I do have a youtube channel, and put a lot of tutorials up and help users fix issues they ask for help with if I know how. I release content as well on the forums however I don’t know if anyone knows I exist lmao… but I’m currently trying to get approved for a loan to get Oculus rift + touch here soon I hope. It’s just hard to do on limited income etc.

my youtube: bug finder - YouTube

I wonder why I don’t have my beta tag on this forums since I participated in the beta. @Amanda.Bott

Well i figured what the H**** and baught a rift + touch and this is so freaking awesome!