VR Project: Rotational grab problem (UVRF)

Eels - I need some sleep, but I say to do that I need some help!

I´m using UVRF plugin for a VR - project.
Otherwice it is working very well, but there is this rotational grab function that I´m having trouble with.
The rotation itself works perfect as shown on the video.
But the problem is that as soon as I grab the object it always rotates the object to a specific point. That spot seems to be the objects local X-axis.
I just can´t wrap my head around how to fix it. It might be from the Grabable blueprint shown at the end, or from the object as it is set and the grab point (pic). If I set the grab point manually to 30,30,0 it changes the position where it grabs the object, but it is still always the same.
Thanks in advance

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The video can be found here:

I figured it out myself. The set rotational grab function asks for the grab point (as seen in the picture). It is local location but the plugin updates it only once at begin play. So had to create a separate part for the rotational grab that updates every time an item is grabbed. For the function itself I added another boolean check for non fixed position (where you want the grab point to change everytime grabbed). So it would come to the function in the picture. Then every time you grab it, created to check if the non fixed position is checked then got the objects world transform and also the motion controllers world location then just inverted the objects transform according to the controllers location so that gave me the local position (from hand to object) and then just set that as the new grab point.