VR Project , looking for people.

****Lues ****
Short descrtiption of the game:
Lues is a VR horror project with a unique storyline. The action takes place in 1991 in a small town on Lues island, MC’s name is Vagus, 23 year old mysterious recluse.We offer a player an opportunity to feel himself a private hunter who specializes in dealing with paranormal stuff. Different contracts contain different levels of risk and different kinds of danger. To identify a target player is going to pass through hard investigations and other dangerous things.The plot is inspired by Howard Lovecraft and the scriptwriter’s own dreams.

Our development team is really small but we want to change it, and do the best we can.“Lues” is really prospective project and we hope it will push vr gaming slightly forward.We give everyone chance to work on the project and improve their development and team skills.Also we don’t have financinal support during the development so the project is non-paid but we believe that it will be commercially successful and everyone will get their pay from sellings. Jobs:
3D Artist
2D Artist
Concept Artist
Level Designer
C++ Programmer
Vfx artist
Voice Actors

Thanks for your attention and thanks for taking your time reading this.If you interesated write an email to the main developer ,also you can fell free to ask any questions. [HR][/HR]
Main Developer - [EMAIL=“”]