VR programming courses for Unreal?

Hello all

VR dev here that has been working on my C++ heavily for over a month now. I think I’m ready to start taking on VR programming tasks. I’m looking for suggestions on how to learn.

So I bought’s Udemy course for VR in Unreal. I am really unimpressed in the first few lessons. I am wondering if it’s really dated? I know VR changes rapidly but I am also not sure if the basics stay the same? Also the support seems to be non-existent. I’m having a problem that I can see others are having and the instructors haven’t responded in months. Has anyone done this course and can tell me if it’s worth continuing or not? I really don’t see many other courses tuned for VR.

I also did the first module of the Oculus VR Production for Unrealcourse in Unreal Learning. It’s less than a year old which means it’s still fresh, and from what I can tell it teaches good design practices that work across all platforms. The issue I have with it is that it’s entirely in Blueprint! And they barely explain any of the Blueprint scripting so I feel like I am just copying the videos that move at lightning-quick pace without truly understanding what we are telling Unreal to do which defeats the purpose for me.

So I’m asking - where are the best resources to learn programming for VR? For context: I finished a multimedia program in November designed specifically for AR/VR development. We are trained as generalists and none of us are coming from a game dev or film background so to be frank none of us were employable upon graduation. So I decided to lean hard in the C++ programming and have been intensively teaching myself with the goal of being employed as a VR programmer by March 1st (I would settle for any programming job in Unreal however). So any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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I have one suggestion. I struggled to get into VR learning for ages until I found the marketplace asset
and then things clicked a bit, particurly as their discord help and youtube videos were really helpful. The community on discord is great.

p.s. I am not affiliated with it in any way, just a happy user.

Worth checking out in my opinion.

Good luck.

Hey, just seeing this now. That is not a cheap asset. But I am open to it. You say this can teach VR development? Thanks for your response.

I don’t really know a good public learning resource for VR specific coding, but if you’re privy to looking into others’ code then definitely check out VR Expansion Plugin.
If you’re looking to learn blueprint, you can start here Epic Games. The worst thing you may find with blueprints is some of the terminology of C++ is changed to something else for blueprints.

VR is not as scary as you think , As a non programmer I started out with VR and learned some code but all in bps.
And I have managed to get my head around a lot of the issues and understanding. If I can do it Im confidant you can.
Youtube was my teacher. check out some of VR_marcos videos.
Im debating doing dome vr tutorial vids myself once I finish up My VR interaction system.

Alright, thank you!