Vr profiling help needed!!!!

Inexperienced in VR but having to pull a VR job off the rocks. Currently running at between 8 and 9 ms in editor window,but stat FPS in Rift S shows only 80 fps. We’ve been trying to figure out why with no success. I then ran the Showdown demo, and it’s the same, 120 ish in editor 79-80 in headset. Can anyone shed any light on this? What’s the reason for the drop? Do I profile in editor where its a steady 120 fps or in the headset? ANy help very gratefully received at this stage.

The rift s runs at 80fps…

Well,Savagebeasty, that’s the best news I’ve heard all day. Thanks.

No worries, easiest solution ever. Do nothing its fine :slight_smile: