VR Preview randomly "Greyed Out"


I have started having trouble where my VR preview is greyed out on startup of the editor. I have had no trouble with this in previous versions and this seems to happen randomly since yesterday. Here are the steps I take.

1, Boot up PC

2, Start Steam VR

3, Wait for all the devices to connect

4, Open Epic launcher

5, Load my project

Following these procedures sometimes my VR preview is greyed, even though the headset is working and can launch into other games. This happens in all my projects and even a fresh VR template.

Any ideas, tearing my hair out over this one.


Check the logs for the exact OpenVR error code, and then google it.

Reinstall SteamVR, the cause is that steams compositor is messing things up.

Will give it a try, this is a 4 day old install of windows though, strange how it would screw up so quickly. Thanks mate. Will mark your response as answered if it works.